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Paul Davies - A web designer based in Long Beach, CA


I've been involved in designing and developing websites with a primary focus on functionality for over 14 years. During that time the projects I take on are always performed on schedule and always on budget - just ask my clients.

Building business relationships is very important to me and I believe it should be important to you if you are to succeed. Designing and developing a website takes more than skill and knowledge, it takes an understanding of what the project requires and that's where I excel.....it's by listening.

Looking at a portfolio is only one way to decide which designer is best for you but rest assured, I will be able to listen to what your needs are and guide you through the process of creating a professional, functional and appealing website to represent both you and your company. The design is only the first step to a long and productive relationship.


Recent Projects:


Sterling Productions  Nerve Photo Booths

Projects Under Development:

wrench Pirates Dinner Adventure - Buena Park, CA (Online Reservation and Payment Gateway)
wrench Maine Ace Camp - Naples, ME (New Design & Development Project)
wrench Southern Maine Home Finder - Portland, ME (New Design Project)
wrench Lakeview Inn - Naples, ME (New Design Project)
wrench Paul Cahan, Sculptor - New Jersey (New Design Project)
wrench Khiel Logging - Denmark, ME (Re-Design Project)


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